Why I Chose Ft Lauderdale

9 Color rainbowroof poolhttps://www.fortlauderdaledaily.com/upfront/noteworthy/video-about-fort-lauderdale-shows-theres-lot-love-about-our-vibrant-city#

We all know how amazing Fort Lauderdale is, but sometimes it takes a video to really drive that message home.

The fun three-minute clip, titled FTL Life, features local businesses and destinations unique to the area and includes interviews praising everything from the city’s glorious weather and exquisite restaurants to the yacht industry and art scene.

“The reason behind the video was to be able to showcase those attributes of the city and give those possible new home buyers, vacationers and business owners a reason to take a closer look,” Fucci said.

She said she hopes the video, which took about two months to make, will attract people to Fort Lauderdale and help promote every industry.



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