Beverly Feingold, Broker Associate


Long 9 Color Flag22I have been, a Real Estate Broker for more than 24 years. My belief is that real estate is about relationships — those one develops with buyers and sellers, as well as those one maintains within the industry. “Trust” is what distinguishes excellence in a broker. It is what enables a broker to best serve customers, whether selling or purchasing. I believe this is one reason why many of my customers remain my friends.

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“Real Estate is about relationships and trust.”

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I love working with people. The relationships I have developed with customers are some of the most cherished of my life.

My strong academic background in both architecture and psychology, plus my in depth knowledge of Real Estate Markets, Laws and Practices, makes me ideally suited to guide both buyers and sellers through the unique complexities of today’s marketplace.

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“She listens better than anybody I’ve ever known.”

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I have often heard this said by many of my customers.

My background includes a career working for the Rockefeller Center Management Design Department, on projects such as the Rainbow Room and Landmark Restoration and Maintenance. Subsequently I began my real estate career by developing a strong following in Corporate Relocation, acting as a broker for members of many world-renowned companies.

Fluent in French, I love to and have traveled extensively including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Working with people from other parts of the world is probably one my favorite parts of the business. One of my customers once said,

“Beverly, she becomes friends with many of her customers, especially the imports.”

Frequently quoted in the New York Times, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with investors from all parts of the globe.

At home, in my spare time, I have always been involved in my community and was an appointed member of my Community Board, serving on the Land Use and Landmarks Committees and as Chair of the Housing Committee.

Welcome home…This how I feel at Castelli.

From the Castelli Website:

Since Castelli Real Estate Services doors opened in 2004, our integrity, quality and passion for real estate has propelled our business into the largest independent real estate company in South Florida. We began as an office in Fort Lauderdale, and quickly multiplied into four offices covering the Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale Beach.

“Integrity, quality and passion for real estate” are 3 key ingredients to success. This company has 

If you walk through our doors, dial our number or shoot us an email, we want to talk to you. We list, buy, sell and lease a wide range of residential and commercial properties that are compatible with your wants and needs. From commercial development, condominium construction and property resales to townhouses and single family homes, Castelli Real Estate Services will cover all of your real estate needs.

Often times, many real estate companies are large corporate institutions. Castelli Real Estate Services provides a local, intimate service where the owners and brokers are fully accessible and more than happy to speak with you, one on one.

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